We come from a land of red soils where a river draws a winding path, and the sky is so vast it is never-ending.

Camino Mitad brings the history of a place, the value of origins and the care of a small-scale producer to your table. Let our tastes bring you closer to our land.

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The very best denomination for the very best wine.

We partner with exclusive wineries located in the Rioja DOCa and wine growers whose philosophy is based on due care and respect for the vine. The vines, which grow on chalky, dry soil in a climate of contrasting seasons, provide us with a selection of the best grapes for making the best quality emblematic Rioja wine.

Compromiso Medioambiental


We respect nature, which is the origin of our products, and use paper for our labelling from fully sustainable forests. Our packaging is also fully recyclable and is FSC– or PEFC-certified.

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