90% cocoa pure desire

90% cocoa is pure desire

A bite of 90% cocoa is pure desire for anyone, the balanced and smooth bitter touch that melts in the mouth little by little and, the pure flavour that transports us to a moment of pleasure, is a feeling not comparable to anything else and, of course, not suitable for all palates. This intense flavour is uncomfortable for some but, as its scientific name suggests, for others it is the “food of the gods“.

It originated in the exotic Amazon jungle and spread to Mesoamerica along the trade routes maintained by the different civilisations. The Mayas and Aztecs began to cultivate it more than 2,500 years ago and named the cocoa plant Theobroma, meaning “Theos” god and “broma” food. They called the cocoa bean “Kakawa” and the bitter and somewhat spicy drink they added was called “Nautl xocoatl”, literally translated as “bitter water”, which they consumed during their religious celebrations. It was so valuable that they even used it as currency.

90% cocoa is pure desire Camino Mitad

Over time, we have come to appreciate cocoa’s distinctive bitterness and its benefits. Having an ounce of chocolate a day (preferably with as much cocoa as your palate can handle) is beneficial for your health and, believe it or not, it is vital for your mood. If you accompany it with a glass of our Crianza wine, you will enjoy a special combination of flavours to the maximum and your day will improve, we can assure you!

Our variety of chocolates is very wide, and among the products we offer, we proudly display a 90% cocoa on one of the labels, being extra fine to maintain that crunchy note, handcrafted, with a balanced bitter touch and without being acidic thanks to its conching process. As well as bringing us pleasure, cocoa also has antioxidant properties that are very beneficial for our health, favouring cardiovascular function and adding vitamins and minerals (it contains phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium among others) to our diet.

Our chocolates are not perfect in shape and that is exactly what makes them authentic, because handmade chocolates taste better.

Photographs ©Andrea Invierno