The perfect charcuterie and cheese board

All the flavour in one place: The perfect charcuterie and cheese board

Let’s talk about how to make a perfect charcuterie and cheese board, gathering all the flavour of the best products of Navarra in a single dish, sounds good, doesn’t it? In Camino a Mitad we bet on simple and high quality products, and luckily, with the variety we offer the “perfect board” for your table can be created, you only need 4 elements: charcuterie, cheese, honey and quality wine to top it off. 

Wooden board and knife in hand, let's get started.

We start on the right side of the board with the charcuterie slices, it is important to place them without clumping so that each of the slices maintain their extraordinary flavour (what we want is to maintain the essence of each piece separately). For this part our Iberian Spanish Ham (all the Iberian essence in a wonderful slice) can not be missed, pork loin (the juiciest part of the loin), slices of Spanish sausage extra (with its right point of paprika, garlic and salt) and a few slices of spicy chorizo to keep the spark burning.

The charcuterie and cheese board

In the center of the board: sheep’s cheese. First with the classic, with some well cut chunks of cured sheep’s cheese that pair perfectly with some slices of Spanish ham. And to give a different joy to our insatiable palate, place the mature sheep’s cheese with black trumpet together with a few slices of extra Spanish sausage. It will make your taste buds explode with happiness. 

Tabla embutido queso vino

Finally we suggest to add sweeter notes (a little contrast amongst flavours never hurts) and, at the same time, accompany the two main elements of the table: a golden thread of one of our honeys. We recommend that you go for our rosemary honey, which will provide both sweet and aromatic notes, and will give a fresh touch to our perfect table.

But as you might already know, to bring together all the flavour of Navarre you need to pair this dish with a good wine from our region. Our Crianza red wine (with intense personality and persistent acidity in the mouth) would be the perfect match.

Fotografías ©Andrea Invierno