Cheese and wine, the perfect match?

Cheese and wine, the perfect match?

A lot of well renowned specialists claim that cheese and wine are not such a perfect match as we all think. In fact, it’s been said that offering cheese was a way to cover up for a bad wine. They said that the flavor of one “blocked” the bad flavors of the other.

But for us, and apparently for science too, these two go together as well as water and sand. A recent study from the Institute of food technologies showed that wine actually tastes better when paired with cheese. And, luckily, we are great producers of both.

Consuming these two together is an effective way to reduce acidity and to enhance the flavours and aromas of both.

The world of pairing is as big as the one we live in. But, to help you out a little, here are some tips we think you can find useful when getting into the art of pairing:

  • First, try to combine soft cheeses with good dry white wines, a young red or even a cava wine.
  • Secondly, if you have a cheese with a more intense flavour try to pair this one with sweet wines or reds with a deeper ending.
  • Lastly, but not less important, make sure that the cheese and wine you are pairing have the same intensity.
  • Oh, and don’t forget: eat an apple bite between every pairing, it’ll help you clean your palette and to be able to enjoy and appreciate all the nuances of flavours and aromas.
Cheese and wine, the perfect match? Camino Mitad

Whatever combination you choose to do, it is indisputable that between cheese and wine there is an unequaled harmony. They understand and compliment each other in the most perfectly imperfect way.

If you are one of those that enjoys spending an easy afternoon tasting these two, we support you. Our “Cheese Lovers Box” is your perfect ally and the proof that the union of wine and cheese is a worthy one.

We are strong believers that everything that makes you happy, is welcome. So, go ahead grab your best bottle of red wine, your favorite cheese and enjoy.

Photographs ©Andrea Invierno