Cocoa, the food of the Gods

Cocoa, the food of the Gods

According to legend, in Mexico, the god Quetzalcoatl gave men the cocoa tree, which they later named theobroma cacao, in Greek “food of the gods”. And we could not agree more with this designation.

Beside being delicious, cocoa provides nutrients and minerals that are beneficial to health, it is a natural antioxidant and reduces stress. It helps stimulate defences, protect the skin and control overweight, as well. Luckily, we hand-craft our chocolates with a lot of cocoa and very little sugar so you can enjoy all its taste and properties.

Chocolate Cocoa Cinnamon

Among our selection, we highlight the chocolate 90% cocoa, traditionally handmade. The result is an extra-fine chocolate with a bitter touch, smooth and soft to the palate. Chocolate with coffee or chocolate with cinnamon are two unique combinations that will make you enjoy aromas, textures and sweetness with notes of up to 80% pure cocoa flavour. Cocoa from the Ivory Coast or coffee from Colombia, are ingredients that we use in a natural way in the creation of the most special flavours.

One of our top products is chocolate with extra virgin olive oil. This marble-textured bar is unique in appearance. And finally, we can only explain the benefits of candied orange in the chocolate with orange bar or the subtlety of rum-soaked raisins as the main ingredient of the chocolate with raisins and rum bar. All these flavours are perfect to pair with our Crianza and enhance all the flavours to the maximum.

No chocolate is equal to each other and that's what makes them unique. Each of our chocolates is an different experience, a journey of flavours that you will never want to end.

Photographs ©Andrea Invierno