consuming local products Camino Mitad

Do you still consume industrial products instead of locally produced ones?

We talk about local products, proximity ones, or ZeroKm but… do you really pay attention to what you are consuming? 

Nowadays, consuming products that are locally made is more important than ever, not only on an economical level, but also on an environmental and social level. 

In this year of pandemic, we have realized that it is essential to be environmentally aware, respect nature and resources, appeal for sustainability and a more responsible consumption. 

As consumers, we have the great power and responsibility to be aware of what we put in our shopping carts and how we can support or help the small producers and the environment. At Camino Mitad, as suppliers of edible products, we work with sustainable packaging (all of our products use FSC certified paper), recyclable and control the entire production chain from beginning until it gets to the consumer. 

In addition, throughout this process, we work on the social sphere, encouraging the collaboration and cooperation with different organizations (AMIMET) and groups in exclusion in order to make them participate and include them into the labor system.

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It is important to take into account that all the products made by small-scale producers are made with more respect, attention to quality and in a more responsible way. Qualities that are essential for us. 

In summary, why is it important and beneficial to consume locally produced items? First of all, of course, because of the environment and for the benefits we can bring to it and the society. It is also good for the local economy, the products are fresher, seasonal and we can better know where they come from and how they are made. And, lastly, supporting small businesses and local suppliers is extremely beneficial for the common good around us. 


The role of the consumers is essential to create a change, being more sustainable and more responsible users. During the pandemic, the #HablemosDeConsumoLocal initiative emerged on social networks with the idea of supporting and helping small and medium sized producers by giving them the chance to be known through these networks.

This is why we encourage you to follow us on Social media (FB and IG) and to follow all the small business that you frequently buy from. Stay informed about the production process, products, tips on how to use the products and much more. 

Small steps can make a big difference. Are you up for the challenge?

Photographs ©Andrea Invierno and Pilar Sola