Honey and junket flavour of Navarre

Honey and junket, the authentic flavour of Navarre

Junket (authentic flavour of Navarre) characteristically soft and mellow, is an exquisite dessert that only needs two ingredients to be made: fresh sheep’s milk and rennet. It is simple but, even so, we all know that junket is not really junket without honey. Honey and junket, the authentic flavour of Navarre.

We propose you three varieties of honey to combine with a good junket and exploit the flavor to the fullest, each combination will surprise you more than the previous one! 

  1. Junket with Multifloral Honey: a sweet and mellow journey that will surprise you with the purest flavour of honey mixed with the lactic and smooth taste of junket. Add some nuts and you’ll see how the crunchiness will make you enjoy this experience even more. If you don’t want to risk and you already know what you like, this is your combo. 
  2. Junket with Orange Blossom Honey: fine and elegant flavour with citrus touches, this honey has everything your junket wants and needs. With a bright golden color that will turn your dessert into a delicacy of the gods and you will be wishing that each spoonful never runs out.
  3. Junket with Holm Oak Honey: for lovers of intense flavours, transport yourself to the most natural and pure essence of the forest by combining the junket with our holm oak honey. The most intense malt flavour and aroma, directly on your table, in a dessert format accompanying a delicacy of Navarre’s gastronomy. 
Honey and junket flavour of Navarre Spain

Besides being delicious, both the junket and any of the flavours of our honey selection will provide you with nutritional benefits. For example, junket strengthens our bones and teeth, improves digestion and the immune system. Our thousand flowers’ honey is a natural antimicrobial and antiseptic sweetener, orange blossom honey will help you, for instance, to fall asleep and relieve stress, and our holm oak honey is full of iron and contains many digestive properties.  

As we have told other you before, honey is a well-established product in Spain but it is also a product at risk in our market. The production during last year has dropped considerably due to the changing temperatures and also because of the import of honey from other countries. We are committed to local products and so our beekeeper always offer us local and traditionally produced products.

Whichever combination you choose, all of them are unique and unrepeatable, being very beneficial for our health as well.

Junket and honey, we can definitely say that you are tasting a little piece of the most authentic flavour of Navarre.

Photographs ©Andrea Invierno