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Rituals: Pintxos, marianitos and something else

If towns and small cities have anything, is their eagerness for traditions and customs. Of course, Azagra is no exception. In the town is very normal and almost a habit of every weekend, “to go de rondillas” (which will resemble something like rituals of pintxos and tapas from bar to bar), enjoy a small tapa with a zurito with your friends gang or even your family. 

Go out potes, wines, zuritos, rondas or pintxos, going out for a beer, so on and so forth. No matter what you call it or where you live, nothing is as important as being able to enjoy the moment with your loved ones. A good poteo, the one which takes a few hours to go through all the bars around town, without taking more than one round in each one, and if there are not enough bars, it does not matter, you can always repeat and thus taste a greater variety of tapas.

Oh! and the idea of sitting quietly at a table is best left for the coffee time… The drinking is quick, from bar to bar until the route is completed. If something also stands out in the area, is the vermouth, or as we know it “marianitos“. The Marianito is originally a fortified vermouth, it has gin, campari and a touch of lemon or orange to give it an extra hint of flavor and start to whet the appetite, besides being another great option to the local wine or beer.

Rituals Tapas Pintxos charcuterie Spain

As tradition says, the normal thing when going “de rondas” is that each member of the group pays one, but we also know that certain areas have games in which the loser has to pay for the round. Can you tell us any traditions that you have in your town?

We also see how new technologies are incorporated into these small traditions, for example, we have been told that in León (a place where Tapeo is very important) they have created an app to avoid those friends who sometimes slip away when it comes to pay, in addition to controlling what is consumed.

Because the ritual is not the event, but those who participate in it. We are ready to be a part of your stories.

Keeping small traditions is key to the identity of a place. If there is something we know about, that is, good habits. All our products invite you to have a good time, to share them in different ways (either in person, at a bar or through a video call from home) always in good company.

Photographs ©Andrea Invierno