The appetiser: reasons to celebrate

The appetiser: reasons to celebrate

There is always a reason to celebrate. These are difficult times and today there is nothing more important than being able to share with family, with those you love the most. Indeed, every Christmas dinner keeps a family story behind it. Surely we all have a special dish, flavour or product that has been repeated over the years in our Christmas meetings.

And if we are thinking about celebrations, there is always a moment that can never be missing: the appetiser. As a starter we suggest “sobrasada” combined with one of our raw honey, it is a perfect match. Of course, we cannot forget a good selection of our charcuterie. A little bit of ham over there and a bit of cheese around here, “salchichón” sausage ready for the granny, and the “chorizo” on the other side of the table for our cousins. Don’t forget to separate the sweet from the spicy one!

The appetiser Crianza Spanish Rioja Wine

What about the drinks? Never without a wine! The king of the table. There are so many varieties in the world that it is increasingly difficult to find the right one… Let’s guarantee the night with a top designation, our Crianza, from the Rioja Denomination of Origin, strong and intense, comes from a place where the land is red and the sky is so long that it never ends. Its flavour is as special and long-lasting as the memories of a great celebration, and when it comes to accompanying it, this is undoubtedly a great choice.

We don’t want to say goodbye without reminding you to leave some space for dessert!

We know that the appetiser momentum can be very long, so if you still have some wine left, make sure you combine it with a bit of dark chocolate.

All our products are unique, natural, hand-crafted and with pure flavors. So honest and distinctive as every family reunion. That’s why we are sure you’ll find a product that suits yours and will accompany your celebration.

Photographs ©Andrea Invierno