Azagra Camino Mitad spring

The constant miracle of rebirth

Here comes the sun, And I say, it’s all right.

Along with most of nature in the wintertime, the lands that flank the Ebro River enjoy a period of hibernation. Autumn glints in gold, as the leaves in the groves change colour, only to give way to the relentless march of the seasons. Once the ground is covered with those same leaves, there is no denying that winter is here. Ochre takes over once the winter vegetables have been harvested. The river continues to flow, but now it is accompanied by just a few sparse examples of local wildlife whose bewilderment permeates their song. Then come December and January. The fields are dormant and a resurgence seems almost impossible.

February arrives and nature lazily opens its eyes. The almond blossom is a surprise for our senses, as are the fragile rays of sunshine that begin to fight their way through the cloud. Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter, sang The Beatles. Here comes the sun, And I say, it’s all right.

Azagra Camino Mitad flor de almendro

Yes, everything is all right once again. The almond blossom is followed by more lovely flowers and suddenly the countryside is full of colours and smells that soothe the soul. The light is increasingly stronger; birds are no longer bewildered; bees start their essential work to create honey; the asparagus – such an important local crop – start creeping out of the soil and the vines – our lifeblood – show green shots in hope not only of a new life, but also of a new vintage to come. The miracle of life comes to Navarre as to the rest of the world. But just like for everyone else, we inhabitants of this wonderful region never fail to be surprised by the great resurgence of nature.

Original text ©Luis Sola Gutiérrez © of the translation Helen Jones | Illustration ©Pilar Sola