Ebro River vineyards and wine

What the Ebro River brought us: vineyards and wine

We are in a territory that has developed and grown around the waters of the Ebro River, friend of vineyards and wine, and main agent of the weather conditions that this area enjoys. The warm days and cold nights are taken advantage of, to the maximum and the clay-ferrous soils provide the land with a privileged ground for the development of the vineyards that give us the wine we love so much.

The most characteristic type of grape and perfectly adapted to the climate of the area, is Tempranillo, which, thanks to the difference in temperature between day and night, has a very balanced ripening, providing exceptional quality to the wines. Tempranillo is already the hallmark of DOCa Rioja wines, occupying a large part of the area’s vineyards. A variety that when it is still young manages to have that freshness and acidity that is so appreciated and that as time goes by ages in a smooth and clean way, giving the wine a very interesting and characteristic taste in the mouth. 

What the Ebro River has brought us with the vineyard is history, culture, high-quality cuisine and the joining together between man and nature. 

In addition to its carefully produced wines, this area of the Ebro Valley is undoubtedly known for its exquisite gastronomy, based mainly on vegetables from the vegetable garden. Both the quality of the raw material provided by its lands, as well as the care and wisdom put into the elaboration of its delicious dishes, are what make its cuisine so famous and sought after. Accompanying the delicacies of Navarre’s gastronomy, together with the singularity that a good wine offers us, is one of those great pleasures of life that distinguish the atmosphere of the area and also its customs. What the Ebro River has brought us with vines, being wine more than just a simple product, is history, culture, gastronomic richness and it is the link between mankind and nature. 

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If you feel curious about trying some of the flavours of our area, we have a carefully selected selection so you can enjoy products with origin, tradition and history made near the river that brought us everything, the Ebro River.

Photographs ©Iñaki Castillo & Andrea Invierno