Handcrafted Chocolates 3 Flavours

Handcrafted Chocolates 3 Flavours

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Handcrafted chocolates 3 flavours to choose among our 6 flavours: Chocolate 90% Cocoa, Chocolate with cinnamon, Chocolate with coffee or Chocolate with raisins and rum | Notice that our chocolates are traditionally hand-made so they might be not perfect in shape. These imperfections are signs of authentic products. Extra-fine chocolates, with a bitter touch but very pleasant and smooth on the mouth. Best paired with our Rioja Crianza wine to bring out the naturally balanced flavours.

Please fill the “notes about your order” section, choosing 3 flavours from our selection of chocolates on the cart before placing your order.

Net Weight.: 125g. (x3) | Store in a cool, dry place | Made in Spain

Camino Mitad Chocolate

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